Lindsey Boylan’s Plan for Freelancers

Freelancers represent roughly a third of our workforce, yet common employee benefits have not evolved to cover these workers. Now that we are suffering through a public health crisis, many freelancers have been left without a safety net. Important freelance journalists from news organizations have been let go, and other industries central to freelancers like Marketing, Entertainment, Technology, and Construction have hit New Yorkers particularly hard.

As Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, Lindsey has experience developing workforce programs to prepare for the changing economy. She sees freelancers as an important and growing part of the equation that deserves a reliable safety net.


Lindsey is a proven and effective leader on the economy and the future of work. She believes training and education should be lifelong opportunities that account for the needs of our changing economy, especially as more of the workforce shifts toward freelance jobs. She has partnered with communities and organizations to advance workforce programs, retraining opportunities, and lower-cost educational options. She also bolstered relationships between community colleges and employers to create programs that give the workforce the most updated training and tools to stay relevant as industries evolve.


As Deputy Secretary of Economic Development for NY, Lindsey negotiated with chambers of commerce to pass statewide Paid Family Leave. As a working mother, ensuring families have this opportunity is personal for Lindsey. Paid leave is especially important for freelancers who don’t have the job stability and employment protections that full-time employees often have. She supports a national paid family leave program that includes a minimum of 12 weeks of parental leave that covers all parents. Above and beyond that, unexpected life events should not mean the end of a paycheck. Paid Family Leave should be allocated to these issues including taking care of a relative, dealing with a personal health issue, a death in the family, etc. We must account for all caretakers and caregivers to help people through rough times.


Lindsey will advocate for all New Yorkers — and all Americans — to have guaranteed healthcare. The time has come for everyone to have access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of employment status. This includes mental healthcare which Lindsey believes is as important as physical health and should be included in a Medicare-for-all solution.


Avenues to expand portable benefits should be explored for Freelancers and other members of the workforce who do not get common workplace benefits. In this case, contributions could be accepted from multiple sources, like various clients, that are attached to the worker, not the job. This could include unemployment benefits, retirement funds, etc.


Education should serve to propel your career forward, not drown you in financial ruin. Lindsey supports federal student loan forgiveness, relief in payback programs for private loans for various sectors, and free higher education within state universities.


“Working from home” and “flexible work schedules” doesn’t always necessarily make it easier to care for your children. This is especially true for workers attached to a specific project or timeline. Working parents need the option to access affordable, quality childcare to sustain a work schedule without having to take a pay cut. Lindsey proposes providing federal grants to local partners to create a network of childcare options and subsidizing costs based on what families can afford.

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